British Airways Short-Haul Flights are Going to Get a Little...Cosier

By Gerald Lynch on at

Do you like being able to feel your legs? No? Then you're going to love BA's short-haul aircraft makeovers. Its 95 Airbus aircraft (starting with the A320 model) are being refitted to add more seats in its Club Europe allocation. So, while between six and 11 additional passengers will be squeezed into each flight, all passengers will lose four inches of legroom, down to 30 inches from 34 inches. Better practice your contortionist techniques.

No additional storage space will be added to the locker areas, meaning the rush for overhead space will be even more manic. But at least you'll be able to pretend you're somewhere else entirely by clipping an iPad onto the back of the seat in front using the newly-installed cradle. Naturally, you'll have to provide the tablet yourself. [Head for Points]

Image Credit: British Airways Airbus A320-232 from