Carnivore Club is a Mouth-Watering Subscription Service for Cured Meats

By Gerald Lynch on at

Consider yourself a meat connoisseur? I'm not talking half a bacon sandwich and a few sticks of Pepperami here. I mean, are you a fan of artisan charcuterie? If the answer is yes, then you need to start budgeting for £29 worth of extra expenditure each month -- the Carnivore Club is a subscription service just for you.

Launching in July in the UK following a successful debut in the US last year, the Carnivore Club sends its members a top-quality box of four-to-six cured meats every month. Celebrating the "cured meat savants" of the world, the Carnivore Club searches the globe for the tastiest (and only ever ethically produced) cured meats available, boxes them up and sends them direct to your door. Each box is accompanied by a booklet explaining its contents, and the processes used to make the mouth-watering cuts inside.

If that much meat each month sounds like a culinary overload, one-off boxes can be purchased for £32, while there are also options to subscribe bi-monthly or quarterly too. Just make sure you keep it a secret from any vegan mates you may have. [Carnivore Club]