Cheap Gas Cylinders and a Robot Vacuum Cleaner are Your Deals of the Day

By Mof Gimmers on at

We've found a deal that you'll think is really boring, but it isn't. Basically, we've found cheap bottles of gas. With bottles of gas you can charge up the BBQ, now that the season is upon us. Or, if you like, you can make a comically large gas-propelled weapon to kill the neighbour's cat.

Butane and propane is on offer and, seriously, it is one of the cheapest prices you'll see. You can get 13kg of butane for just over £20! Just think of the damage you could cause with that. Damage to a sausage that is. We're not actually advising you to become a terrorist (the hours are lousy and the pay is worse). Have a look at the deal here, just in time for World Cup barbecues!

Once barby time is over and you're booze-blurringly staring at the crumby mess on the living room floor, you'll be glad to have picked up one of these Vileda ViRobi Cleaning Robots. Instead of drunkenly tearing about with a normal vacuum, you can fire up this bad boy and let it get on with dirty work. Normally the unit would set you back £32.99 but with today's deal it is yours for just £24.66. There's tiny hitch, in that this unit comes with an EU plug, but an EU/UK adapter will only set you back a couple of quid.


-Skyrim: Legendary Edition at Gamefly for £9.59
-Official Xbox One Wireless Controller for £33 at Tesco Direct
-Food at Hard Rock Cafe Manchester for 1971 prices on 14th June - 50p burger & fries etc
-TalkTalk Customers can get 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data for £5 per month
-Lexar 64GB media jumpdrive USB3 at Amazon for £15.99
-Dredd 2D/3D Blu-ray at for £4.97 delivered
-Xbox One bundle, now being sold without Kinect, for £349.99

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