Chocolate Fried Chicken is Ready to Assault Your Taste Buds (and Cholesterol Levels)

By Gerald Lynch on at

KFC, PFC -- add CFC to the list of takeaway stops your local pub is destined to be turned into. ChocoChicken has just opened up in Los Angeles, but its unique menu surely means world domination is only moments away. Yep, as the name suggests, it specialises in chocolate covered, coated and filled chicken.

Frying the bird in chocolate oil and dunking it in cocoa, the menu has everything from chicken meatballs filled with chocolate to white chocolate mash covered in chocolate ketchup. Not totally certain as to what separates chocolate ketchup from standard chocolate syrup, but excuse me for the ignorance -- I'm too busy trying to figure out how I can make DIY versions of these dishes for tonight's tea. [Thrillist, Stylist]