Control VR Gloves are Like the Powerglove You Always Wanted

By Eric Limer on at

So let's say you've got your Oculus Rift headset on and it's pretty awesome, but what could make it more immersive? How about looking down and seeing your hands. There are already some solutions to that problem, but Control VR's new glove controllers look like the best so far.

Essentially the Powerglove you wished you had when you were a kid, Control VR's gloves have sensors for each finger, as well as the ability to see where the rest of your forearms are as well. It'd be perfect for, I don't know, an Iron Man game? Yep.

Technical details are sparse because, like everything these days, it's not really quite ready yet. Yes, this is going to be a Kickstarter. The page isn't up quite yet, but the gloves will go for a (pricey) $350 (£208) early access pre-order. Expensive? Yes. Cheaper than an actual Iron Man suit? You betcha. [Control VR via The Next Web]