David Cameron Abandoned Two Holidays to Cornwall in Mobile Signal Sulk

By Gary Cutlack on at

The PM apparently abandoned two holidays to Cornwall earlier than planned, after poor mobile phone reception made it harder for him to sit there staring at his phone all day hoping that Barack Obama may ring for a chat.

Cameron claims that he cut short a holiday last year due to problems staying in touch during the escalating Syria crisis, while issues surrounding Libya and the crumbling Gaddafi regime in 2011 forced him to do the same. But just like the rest of us, he knows where to stand to make his phone work, telling the Western Morning News: "As I go down a hill into Polzeath, I know exactly which bit of the road I lose my signal. So it is a problem. I know where to go to get a signal, but it can be very frustrating."

Not sure whether this is good or bad news for the Cornish tourism industry. On the one hand it may make people a little wary about visiting, but on the other it suggests there's a lack of mouthy businessmen shouting into their phones in the county and could therefore make it a more desirable destination. [Western Morning News via Independent]

Image credit: Mobile on beach from Shutterstock