EE Fibre Broadband is Now Open to All

By Gerald Lynch on at

EE has now opened up its fibre broadband offering to all comers -- not just those that are already signed up to its mobile services, as was previously the case.

EE standard broadband deals start at £2.50 a month, rising to £9.95 after the first 12 months, offering a 17Mbps connection and weekend calls.

Up that outlay to £5 a month for the first three months and £19.95 thereafter to get in on its fibre speeds, which also includes weekend calls. Push the boat out to £34.95 a month (£20 for the first three months) and you'll bag EE's 76Mbps top-tier fibre deal, with unlimited landline calls, 1,000 mobile minutes and international calls to 30 select countries. If you're considering making the jump you'll still have to factor in line rental, but EE is looking to coax new users with a £100 buyout option for those already tied to a broadband contract. [EE]