Football Fans Give ITV Player a Red Card as World Cup Opener Livestream Stalls

By Gerald Lynch on at

ITV Player, ITV's online catch-up and live streaming service, scored an own goal last night during the opening match of the 2014 World Cup as it struggled to handle the massive influx of visitors. ITV Player's Twitter feed issued an apology, blaming "unprecedented" viewer figures, which caused the stream of the Brazil vs Croatia match to fail.

Even with "unprecedented" stream numbers, it's disappointing -- surely ITV should have made suitable preparations for the opening of the most popular sporting event on Earth? It's hard to be caught by surprise at the number of interested viewers. It's not the first time ITV has made a World Cup-related gaffe either -- during World Cup 2010's England vs USA match, ITV1 HD cut to an advert and blank screen during a crucial moment of the game, causing viewers to miss Steven Gerrard's penalty kick goal.