Functional Bottle Caps to Help You Forget Coca-Cola Bottles Aren't Biodegradable

By Gerald Lynch on at

It can take hundreds of thousands of years to break down a plastic bottle, so we might as well find a decent way to make use of all the dumped Coca-Cola bottles we're clogging up landfills with.

Teaming up with the Oglivy and Mather China agencies, Coca-Cola's produced the "2nd Lives" kit, consisting of 16 different bottle caps, each with a unique function to breathe new life into an otherwise-disposable piece of trash. From soap dispensers to dumbbells, a baby's rattle to a bubble maker, you could conceivably fill your home with repurposed Coke bottles. You'll look like one of those trolley-pushing hoarders, but you'll be doing the environment a favour. Coke will be giving away 40,000 of the caps to customers in Vietnam across the summer. [AdWeek]