Future Archeologists Will Have to Solve the Mystery of London's Buried JCBs

By Gerald Lynch on at

The ancient Egyptians left budding Indiana Joneses mummies to uncover. Modern-day Londoners? We're burying industrial diggers for the archeologists of the future to uncover.

As cash-flushed Londoners increasingly turn to excavating underneath their properties to find space for extension, it's proving just too expensive to remove the diggers used to do the work. Rather than pay for a pricey removal job, it's simply cheaper for subterranean developers to bury the vehicles and build on top of them. It's estimated there could be as many as 1,000 diggers sitting underneath mansion properties, worth around £5 million. It may not be quite as exciting as King Tut's tomb, but it'd be a laugh to see the faces of future historians trying to figure out how we could ever have become so frivolous.

If that all sounds a bit outlandish, you wouldn't be alone in disputing the claims -- a separate set of contractors have told the Evening Standard that it's all "total nonsense". So a quick poll of the millionaire Giz readers then: hands up who's got a JCB buried under the patio? [New Statesman via Telegraph]

Image Credit: Line of JCB machinery from Shutterstock.com