Government Changing the Law to Protect Volunteers From Outlandish Public Liabilities

By Gary Cutlack on at

One announcement set to come in this year's Queen's Speech should see some of the red tape surrounding public liabilities in the UK lessened, with the government looking to reduce the potential troubles faced by public volunteers.

People who want to do nice things in public shouldn't be dissuaded from breaking out the bunting due to a fear of being sued for £3m by someone tripping over a table leg or pulling the tea urn over on themselves is the gist of the idea, with the law set to be changed to require courts to give weight to circumstances in which people were doing things considered to be for the "benefit of society."

Small businesses would also benefit, with employers set to receive more in the way of protection against being sued by "irresponsible employees" who, for example, cut their genitals off by falling through the glass of the photocopier then try to sue the company owners for not putting up a warning sign advising against the copying arses. [BBC]

Image credit: Street party from Shutterstock