Government to Ration Sugar, Salt and Fried Food in School Dinners Rethink

By Gary Cutlack on at

After being roundly mocked for his previous interventions in the UK's schooling system, education secretary Michael "G-Unit" Gove might receive some positive feedback from today's move, which asks schools to further limit the amount of fried crap and sugary juice available in canteens.

The reworked and simplified School Food Standards will demand school caterers limit their use of deep-fried, breadcrumb-coated, reprocessed grey meat-like gunk to just two servings per week, with chocolate and sweets banned from school canteens and no salt provided for kids to add to meals. An "emphasis on wholegrain foods" will be required too, with smaller fruit juice portions hopefully making water the default drink choice.

Good news for anyone running a newsagent within two miles of a school. [DfE via Guardian]

Image credit: School dinners from Shutterstock