Has the Moto 360 Renewed Your Faith in Smartwatches?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Seeing the Moto 360 smartwatch showcased at Google's I/O conference last night came as no surprise. We've known of its existence since the Android Wear smartwatch platform was first revealed back in March, and it was clear that wearables were going to be a main feature in the search giant's annual event.

But look at the coverage from Google I/O last night from across the industry and one thing shines through -- everyone who got to play with the Moto 360 wants one. We've been burnt by the promise of smartwatches before, with Samsung and Sony both failing in the category, and Pebble (though great at what it does) having too much of a "hobbyist" air around it to really make a dent on the mainstream.

The Moto 360, with its circular face and elegant, refined design, could be the one to take the smartwatch market to new heights, if the price is right. Sure, both LG and Samsung's latest Android Wear offerings are functionally similar, but it's surprising how alluring a simple, traditional-looking watch face (albeit one packed full of touch sensors) makes the Moto 360.

Of course, it's unlikely to be all about Android smartwatches this year either. We've heard rumours of Apple's iWatch for years now and, with smartphone hardware reaching a plateau and iOS 8 focussing on fitness, the stage seems set for Apple to release its own wearable.

So, is 2014 the year of the smartwatch? Has the Moto 360 renewed your faith in wearables? Will you be holding out for another Android Wear watch, or even Apple's iWatch? Or is the sundial in your garden still good enough for all your time-keeping needs?