Here's a Closer Look at Android Wear's Stacks, Pages and Micro-Interactions

By Gerald Lynch on at

Brace yourself -- next week is going to bring with it an Android Wear onslaught. Google's wearable platform is sure to be the focus of its annual Google I/O conference, kicking off next week, and ahead of the reveal of all of Wear's new features the search giant is looking to clear up details on some of the features we're already aware of.

Timothy Jordan, Google developer advocate, talks us through some of Android Wear's best bits in the video below, with specific focus given to its notifications. Essentially, the plan is to make Android Wear as "hands-off" as possible -- as well as deep voice integration, Wear devices will keep distractions at a minimum, using "Stacks" of notifications where appropriate rather than buzzing your wrist off every time a message comes through. A "Pages" card view will be used when more information is offered than can be displayed on a single screen, letting you scroll through multiple cards.

It's looking very clean and simple, and it's interesting to see Google's aim being to minimise the time spent looking at the device rather than making further demands of our time through a needy, micro-managed interface. Here's hoping the hardware turns out as well as the software seems to be. [YouTube]