Hilarious* Animated GIFs Build Fiat's New Adverts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brace yourself for some complete rubbish involving things people on the internet believe to be funny, such as horses, cats etc.

This is one of the latest adverts for Fiat's charming little 500. It's built from a series of GIFs the car maker commissioned for use on its Tumblr page, but, so legend has it, they were considered to be so good* that one high-ranking employee demanded they be bolted together to make a 30-second TV advert.

Here it is for your engagement. If you're older than 15 physically or mentally, avert your eyes now:

And there are others too. The world's dumbing down so quickly we'll soon start forgetting the things we invented. We'll be subsistence hunter-gatherers living in mud houses by the year 2100 should this astonishing rate of global mental decline continue. [Ad Week]