Historic Town Maypole Chopped Down in Tour de France Route Safety Shambles

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 50-year-old maypole in the town of Otley got the chop recently, as part of a dread health and safety review prior to the Tour de France hammering past next week.

Apparently the pole, which has stood since 1962, was rotten, and hadn't been actively danced around for years due to an increase in local traffic and a general modern mistrust and fear of the folk community. The fact that it was chopped down and sawn up without public consultation to make a bike race marginally safer has infuriated locals, so much so that they'll all be voting Ukip for the next decade.

The Leeds county council chief exec spoke at length on the matter, explaining the pole's quick removal with: "As there were signs of extensive cubicle brown rot at its base this was treated as an emergency which in accordance with the procedure means that remedial action must be undertaken within 24 hours." [Independent]

Image credit: Telegraph & Argus