Holographic Displays Coming to Your Phone Next Year

By Kotaku UK on at

Things like Snake's iDroid or Dead Space's floaty wrist menus are a staple of game UI design. Now a company's working on button-sized 3D holographic projectors for phones.

The thing's even got a cool name: the Quantum Photonic Imager. Developed by a company called Ostendo it was recently demoed to The Wall Street Journal where reporters saw "a 3-D image of green dice spinning in the air". That used an array of six projectors, each this big:

A 2D version will be available next year initially, followed by a 3D one soon after. The technical descriptions says it "fuses an image processor with a wafer containing micro LEDs, alongside software that helps the unit properly render images". It also works at around 5000 DPI compared to an iPhone's 300 dots per inch.

(Picture credits: The Wall Street Journal.)


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