In-Flight Wi-Fi Could be Coming to British Airways Journeys

By Gerald Lynch on at

British Airways is said to be in "advanced discussions" with London-based satellite communications company Inmarsat over potentially bringing in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity to its craft.

Inmarsat is working on a £450 million project that would see a new satellite launched as part of the Europasat satellite network by 2016, communicating with mobile network's towers back on the ground and capable of relaying a data connection across Europe that could be accessed while airborne. It would be a similar system to that used by GoGo since 2008, which paved the way for Wi-Fi services in flights across America.

As well as providing the means to stream cat videos off YouTube at 30,000 feet, the network could also be harnessed in disaster zones, allowing government agencies and emergency crews to communicate where other infrastructure has been rendered useless. [BBC]