Indie Labels Complain to European Commission About YouTube's Pushy Tactics

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Worldwide Independent Network, a trade body that looks after the interests of indie record labels, has complained to the European Commission about the way YouTube wants to force independent labels to sign up to its forthcoming music service.

According to WIN, YouTube is "bullying" independent labels around the world, attempting to offer them "non-negotiable" low-rate deals and conditions if they want to have their artists included in future streaming services. Fail to agree and the likes of Adele, Goldfrapp and Radiohead may disappear from YouTube.

Alison Wenham, chief executive of WIN, said: "We have been hearing from many companies across the world who are expressing fear, displeasure, outrage and confusion at the phone calls, letters and bullying they seem to be receiving from YouTube employees." [Guardian]