Is Microsoft Planning on Making Cortana Cross-Platform?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Over the past week or so, a number of media outlets have reported that Microsoft might be considering making Cortana, the Windows Phone personal assistant, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately for the Halo fans out there who do not own a Windows Phone, this rumour has now been denied by Microsoft.

But why? Google Now isn't just available on Android devices, so surely it would be in Microsoft's best interests to work on expanding Cortana's reach? According to Cortana Group Program Manager Marcus Ash this has been mentioned, but ultimately his team is focused on making Cortana a better experience for Windows Phone users.

Any expansion in the foreseeable future will likely be limited to Windows PCs, which we sort-of already knew about, but Ash emphasised that this would still rely on Cortana being a success on Windows Phone.

So hard luck folks, but at least Microsoft is focussing on improving the existing Windows Phone experience rather than spreading itself too thin. [@MarcusAsh via Slashgear]