Is This the Greatest Water Pistol of All Time?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Oh? Oh, you have a Super Soaker? That's cute. Designer Alex Bygrave sees your soaker, and raises you this six-barrelled water-spewing monstrosity.

It's been made from scrap parts, held together with flexible, rubbery super-adhesive Sugru. Powered by a CO2 canister and capable of blasting out water to ranges of 40ft, it can hold two gallons of the wet stuff. Maybe Boris could get some of these instead of those frightening riot-control water canons?

But water fight domination doesn't come cheap. Taking 50 hours to build, the water-blasting tommy gun is valued at £1,250. I reckon it's no match for me and my trusty bucket, though. Consider that a challenge, Bygrave! [YouTube]