It Turns Out Boris Bikes are Perfect for Death-Defying Stunts

By Gerald Lynch on at

The next time you take a Boris Bike out for a spin and blame its weight for falling on your arse while attempting a wheelie, just back down and accept your shame.

As this team of top trials riders show in a dazzling display of stunt bike virtuosity across London, you just are not the Evel Knievel you thought you were. They make those "Boris Bikes" look as though they've come straight from Matt Hoffman's personal collection. But, as you've probably guessed, they're hardly the clunky push bikes you can rent at stations around the capital -- these are modded stunt bikes dressed up to look like the Boris-backed public use ones.

Either way it's exciting, watch-through-your-fingers stuff, and the video's got bit of Prince's Controversy in there to perk up your Tuesday too. [FightMe YouTube via @BradTubb]