LG's 77-inch Curved Ultra HD 4K OLED TV Hits UK Stores in October (But You Can't Afford It)

By Gerald Lynch on at

LG's 77-inch curved Ultra HD 4K OLED screen which first debuted back at CES earlier this year now has a UK launch date and pricing to go with it.

Brace yourself. The 77EC980V model goes on sale this October for a whopping £19,999. Ouch. I think I might have a fiver stuck down the back of the sofa somewhere.

It is however an admittedly feature rich screen. As well as its IMAX-like curve and webOS smart TV platform integration, LG's True 4K Engine Pro will upscale standard and HD content to near-4K quality, meaning your existing library of films won't instantly become obsolete. A built-in decoder also lets the screen playback 4K content from external devices hooked up over HDMI, LAN or USB too, with the screen also capable of decoding broadcast signals in H.264 and HEVC H.265 formats at 30p or 60p.

Alternatively, you can pick up the still-absolutely-massive 65-inch 65EC970V version for £5,999. It's like being in Bizarro World to say it, but seeing as it's not dramatically smaller than the 77-inch flagship, that seems like an absolute steal.

It's also been revealed that LG plans to use its recently-acquired webOS platform across all of its new internet connected TVs from 2016 onwards. [LG]