Lumia 1020 Successor May Have Wavy Kinect-Like Gesture Controls

By Gerald Lynch on at

This year's big mobile feature? Touchless 3D controls by the sounds of things. Amazon's rumoured forthcoming phone is said to use 3D camera tech as part of its control system, and now the latest rumours surrounding Microsoft's Lumia 1020 successor points towards the smartphone sharing a similar feature.

The device, codenamed "McLaren" is said to have not only the impressive PureView camera tech of the 1020, but "3D Touch" gesture controls that would see Microsoft's tech teams repurpose concepts they've used in the Kinect Xbox One gaming peripheral. With this system embedded, the handset would respond to variations in your grip, as well as showing different information below your finger when you hover over an icon as opposed to physically tapping one. Other gesture controls that have appeared in other smartphone are also set to feature -- covering the speaker would mute a ringing call, while bringing the phone to your ear would automatically answer a call.

Still no word on release details, but with Microsoft now heading up this arm of Nokia's phone business, it's thought that the days of US exclusivity deals may be coming to an end -- meaning we could get the McLaren in a timely fashion upon its release, whenever that may be. [WP Central]