Microsoft Says Xbox One OneGuide WILL Support YouView Boxes

By Gerald Lynch on at

The June Xbox One update brings with it the long-awaited OneGuide TV integration feature to the UK, letting you bark channel-changing commands at the Kinect like the slob you are, without even needing to reach for your TV remote.

A device-agnostic feature, OneGuide was always expected to have some issues with the more-specific features of individual set top boxes, including those from Sky or Virgin. But for YouView viewers, it looked like the feature was to forever be lost on them as the set-top box manufacturer stated it had no plans to support Microsoft's EPG integration. Though YouView's stance on the Xbox One remains unchanged however (“We currently have no plans to support Xbox One”), Microsoft has now confirmed that the OneGuide "will be fully compatible with YouView".

However, just as is the case with a Sky or Virgin Tivo box's PVR functionality, it remains unlikely that YouView's seven-day rewind catch-up feature will be supported.  Microsoft is looking into increasing the feature set of the OneGuide over time, but for now its abilities are focussed on channel navigation. It's worth also remembering that some YouView users have experienced issues with the HDMI-In feature of the Xbox One, which have not been addressed by the update. The OneGuide's information comes from the web, which means it should allow the new EPG overlay to work with YouView regardless of this issue.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Gizmodo UK that "no specific service or brand is required. The delivery of TV is complex and we are working through the many technologies and policies around the world to make live TV available to all the markets where Xbox One is available."

Should an obscure set-top box prove problematic later down the line, or a new box with a new programming format be introduced, the Xbox One's online features allow Microsoft to react and update the console to cater for it. "New OneGuide features, including your full list of available channels, work for the majority of cable and satellite TV customers who receives their TV signal through HDMI-in," the spokesperson added. "What’s great about Xbox One being connected to the cloud is that we can continue to make updates and seamlessly add new services and brands that integrate with our Xbox technology."

"Our goal is to enable live TV through Xbox One in every way that it is delivered throughout the world, whether that’s television service providers, over the air or over the Internet, or HDMI-in via a set top box."