Microsoft's Anti-Android Patent War List Revealed

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce may have just given us a look at the complete list of patents that Microsoft has been using to extract licensing agreements and money from Android phone makers and their partners, with some 300 patents appearing in a document on its web site.

The file [.DOC] contains 73 that are described as "standard-essential patents" critical to running an OS, with a further 127 patents that Microsoft claims are implement in Android. Such bewildering topics as "Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Coding" are joined by seemingly impossible-to-patent features as "System and Method for Selecting a Tab Within a Tabbed Browser" and the amazingly generic "Taskbar music player."

Not all of the patents are Microsoft's own work, either, with several of the inventions mentioned in the document coming via the old Nortel patent block that was acquired by a consortium including Microsoft, Apple and Sony in 2011. [Ars]