New Science Museum 3D IMAX Movie Lets You "Fly" With the Red Arrows

By Gerald Lynch on at

Poor eyesight or a plain lack of ambition prevent you from living out the stunt pilot reality of your childhood dreams? Not to worry -- the Science Museum is offering the next best thing this summer, letting visitors experience what it's like to fly as one of the crack pilots from the RAF's Red Arrows team.

Comprising a 3D IMAX movie shot from a cockpit view inside one of the Red Arrows jets and a "Fly 360" flight simulator in the Science Museum's Fly Zone gallery, the exhibits make up part of the ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations for the masterly flight team. Suitable for ages four and up, you'll be able to enjoy the thrills and spills of a Red Arrows flight, and rest safe in the knowledge your lunch will stay firmly in your stomach. [Science Museum]

Image Credit: The RAF demonstration team Red Arrows performing at the Dutch Air Force Open Day from