Nine of the Best Accessories for Your Shiny New Google Glass

By Spencer Hart on at

Hey UK glassholes! Google Glass is finally available in the UK and you know what that means: it's time to accessorise! After all, a nerd can never have too many accessories. Below are some useful (and some not so useful) add-ons for your new high-tech specs.

1.) Google Earbuds

The official Google Earbuds will be extremely useful when listening to music, receiving turn-by-turn navigations or making a call – pretty much any event where you'd need a bit more audio-oomph than the bone-conduction transducer can provide. Google offer their earbuds in the mono or stereo variety, with five interchangeable coloured caps. [Available for £40 / £65]

2.) GlazerG or PWRglass Battery Packs

There isn't much space for a large battery on Google Glass, so battery life can be at a premium. Luckily, there are two companies here to help. GlazerG and PWRglass both offer battery packs that triple the battery life of Glass. Unfortunately they're not available to purchase yet, but you can pre-order GlagerG and register your interest for PWRglass. [Availability TBD]

3.) Google Frames

The official frames from Google help to humanise Glass, making it less robotic and nerdy and more like what an actual person would wear. The lightweight titanium frames come in four different styles: curve, split, bold and thin; the option of prescription lenses is also available. [Available for £175]

4.) GPOP Decals

If wearing Google Glass doesn't make you stand out enough already, here's another chance to attract attention: personalising your wearable tech. GPOP offer a variety of different vinyl designs to stick onto your Glass, from geometric patterns to funky tentacle designs. They offer a nice level of personalisation and don't leave any sticky residue if removed. [Available from £7.64 including international shipping]

5.) Google Hard Case

Any bespectacled person knows how easy it is to sit on their glasses; it's not really a problem if they cost £25 from Specsavers, but imagine sitting on £1000 Glass. This hard case provides peace of mind, so it's pretty much essential for any Glass wearer. [Available for £40]

6.) Remotte Glass

Being able to control Glass with your voice is great, but what if you're in a lecture, or quiet museum? You need Remotte Glass, which connects to Glass using Bluetooth and features two programmable buttons, a whole range of sensors and two touch-pads – all of which have been opened up to developers. [Available for pre-order]

7.) Google Shades

Google's official shades are great to clip onto the titanium band of Glass in bright sun. Lightweight and polarised, these shades come in three different styles: Active, Classic and Edge. [Available for £120]

8.) GlassLight

GlassLight is a useful, voice-activated light that plugs into Google Glass. By the looks of it, it probably won't fully illuminate your path. But it may just stop you from stubbing your toe on the bookshelf. [Available for £23.02 incl. international shipping]

9.) GlassKap Novelty Accessories

Tired of receiving nothing but hate for being an early adopter? Well why not try to spread a little joy with GlassKap's novelty accessories? GlassKap provides the opportunity for users to adorn their Glass with a flower pot, pencil holder, 'On Air' sign or crosshair, which is guaranteed to put a smile on any tech-sceptic's face. [Available from £10.12 incl. international shipping]