Of Course it's the Dutch That Have Invented the World's First Electric Joint

By Gerald Lynch on at

It was only a matter of time -- as the popularity of the e-cig continues to rise, we've now got the first vaping e-cig designed specifically for use with cannabis. And where else could it herald from than from the land of the cannabis cafe, the Netherlands?

Manufacturer E-NJoint already sells 10,000 disposable flavoured e-joints every day, free from THC, tobacco or nicotine, allowing them to be sold legally across Europe. But it's the second and third generation electric joints that may (may) shake stoners out of their pot-induced stupors. The E-Njoint Vaporiser will let owners fill its chamber with liquid cannabis or dry herbs -- all the fun of a joint, without sleepily having to roll up weak, tearing papers. It even lights up down one end, with a green leaf glowing along with every puff. Classy.

E-NJoint is currently in talks with medicinal marijuana specialists Tikun Olam, presumably to offer some bundled weed along with the gadget where that's a legal option. [E-Njoint]