Ofcom Puts its Foot Down on Slow Fibre Repairs

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ofcom has just been given the thumbs up from the European Commission to whip BT into shape, setting new performance targets for the telecoms giant that should see its fibre services (and the services of those who piggy-back off of its infrastructure) improve.

The new rules will mean that BT must make efforts to fix line errors within two days of a customer flagging them up, provided that freak weather or an act of God doesn't prevent that. Minimum-term contracts between BT and ISPs are now cut from one year to one month, which will encourage more flexible short-term broadband deals.

Fibre contracts could be getting cheaper too. Openreach, the company that controls BT's phone and broadband infrastructure, currently charges ISPs £50 for a connection fee, which can be passed on to you. Ofcom has now asked that fee be dropped to just £11, which should theoretically see slight savings trickle down to contract prices. [Ofcom]

Image Credit: BT Openreach repair Superfast Fibre Broadband from Shutterstock.com