One of the Apple iWatch Sensors Could be Analysing Your Sweat

By Gerald Lynch on at

Of all the things a smartwatch could potentially do for you (reply to emails, give mapping directions, automatically delete all those bloody Candy Crush invites), sweat analysis probably doesn't rank highly on your wishlist. But the latest iWatch rumour suggests that one of its sensors will offer just that. And, if you're an athlete, that may not be a bad thing at all.

Given the iOS 8 HealthKit features, we're already fairly certain that the iWatch will have a health and fitness focus. A sweat sensor could be used to measure the presence of electrolytes present in a person's sweat, a key indicator as to hydration levels, allowing the iWatch to nudge its owner into taking on some more fluids.

And the sensor could be one of the reasons why the iWatch has been such a long time coming -- as the specs come together and the iWatch increasingly looks to be a health-orientated device, Apple may need to acquire certification pertaining to the sale of medical equipment before it launches the timepiece. [GforGames / Laoyaoba via TechRadar]

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