Policemen See Funny Side of Edinburgh Street View Axe Murder Photos

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two mechanics who saw the Google Streetview car coming down the road in Edinburgh leapt into action, hurriedly faking the murder of the boss for the delight of future internet onlookers. Nearly two years later their antics have come to light, with police paying them a visit just to check there wasn't really an unidentified corpse still on the pavement.

The "dead" man is garage owner Dan Thompson, who was "killed" by mechanic Gary Kerr. The improvised performance street art came about when they saw the car coming and had approximately 20 seconds to think of something to do, so it was either act dead or get their kit off and start snogging each other.

Despite it obviously being men being silly, the police still paid them a visit when their horseplay came to light. Thompson said of the police call: "They were already pretty certain it was a joke because one of their colleagues gets their car serviced here. They thought it was a really good laugh and in five minutes they were gone." [Telegraph]