Protect and Maintain Your Camera With These Tips

By Michael Hession on at

Camera maintenance is a mysterious thing. Everyone tells you something different, and you are always seemingly at risk of causing damage to your equipment. Canon is here to help with a video detailing all the ways to protect your precious gear.

Why trust Canon? Well, of anyone giving you advice, they probably stand to lose the most if they are wrong, because they don't want hoards of camera owners crying at their front door when things go awry. Also, they do make the stuff, so I should hope they know how to clean it.

I for one have been guilty of pretty much every one of Canon's "do-not-do" points. Not because I am ignorant, but because sometimes you just have nothing else to work with other than your shirt sleeve. Horrible, I know. Here's to a future of crystal clear lenses to take selfies with, like so: