Pub Landlords Win Fairer Contract Fight = Cheaper Beer

By Gary Cutlack on at

The system in which pub landlords are honour bound to remain linked with certain large pub companies is being loosened, which may mean they're able to pass on the savings from sourcing their booze elsewhere to their customers.

The government is introducing a new statutory code that will give an independent adjudicator the power to resolve disputes regarding the rents and contracts of tenant landlords, with a possible 60p-a-pint saving coming our way if the adjudicator were to force the pubcos to match market beer prices.

Introducing the plan, Vince Cable said: "The introduction of a statutory code will make sure that tied tenants get an accurate assessment of how better off they could be and the new independent adjudicator would make sure pub companies are forced to act to redress the situation if they aren't behaving responsibly." [PA]

Image credit: Beer kegs from Shutterstock