Ridley Scott's Halo Movie is Now Filming in Belfast

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ridley Scott's Halo feature has begun filming in Belfast, with Battlestar Galactica's Sergio Mimica-Gezzan in the director's chair, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Scott is acting as the executive producer for the project, which is filming in the Titanic Quarter of the Northern Ireland capital. Though the details of the live-action take on the Halo universe remain slim, it's reportedly a "massive production", spanning locations including the Titanic Centre and Belfast's urban sports park. Master Chief on a micro-scooter, anyone?

And, apparently, here's a shakily-captured clip from it. Anyone want to dissect what's going on here? Either Ridley's team is going to CG the hell out of it, or the movie is going to look very much like it is set in, well, Belfast:

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