Roll Down Those Sleeves: Factor 50 Suncream Doesn't Prevent Skin Cancer

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may stop you from going lobster-red, but a new Cancer Research UK study has found that suncream is less effective than once thought when it comes to defending against skin cancer -- even when factor 50 protection is applied.

Though high factor suncream can reduce DNA damage and slow the appearance of malignant melanoma, it's not a complete suit of cancer-blocking armour. Researchers found that enough harmful UV radiation still penetrated the creamy layer applied to test mice predisposed to melanoma, slowing the onset by just 30 per cent.

Killing 13,000 people each year, the lesson here is not to rely on the cream alone. Though it helps, make sure you find shade or keep covered up too -- especially with the scorching temperatures expected today. [Cancer Research UK]

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