Rumour: Apple is Working on Smart Home Products to Work with HomeKit

By Gerald Lynch on at

Fancy using your iPhone to turn the kettle on, unlock your doors or dim the lights for some sexy time? It's all looking potentially possible: Apple is rumoured to be working on a range of smart home products to integrate with its new iOS 8 HomeKit feature.

9to5Mac's sources state that Apple believes home automation is an " incredibly important and lucrative potential market and that the devices will see 'mainstream' usage," and is said to be beyond the "exploratory phase" of development of the products.

Rather than competing with Google's Nest on smoke alarms or thermostats, Apple is thought to be looking instead at advanced speaker systems and smart control panels for the home. Apple already has one "home" product in the shape of its long-neglected Apple TV box -- it's been suggested that the media centre could be updated to act as a home hub for Apple's automation plans. [9to5Mac]