Rumour: Finger-Scanning, Heart Rate-Monitoring Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Will Land in July

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini on the way. You already knew that, without all the leaks, because that's how the smartphone world works -- an annual premium flagship followed by a "Mini" version piggy-backing off the name of the bigger device. It now seems we wont have long to wait to see what's been shaved off the top-end device for this year's miniaturised version though, with SamMobile claiming that the S5 Mini will hit stores next month, in the middle of July.

For once, however, this shrunken handset might have specs to do its namesake proud. Aligning with rumours we heard earlier, SamMobile reports that the S5 Mini will have a solid specsheet (720p 4.5-inch display, 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 8MP camera) and some of the flagship's more-interesting features, such as its fingerprint scanner and heart-rate monitor. If the price is right, this may end up being worth a look. [SamMobile]