Rumour: LG G Watch Will Wrap Android Around Your Wrist From July 7th

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ready to talk into your wrist like a crazy person from the future? LG's G Watch has just had a very believable launch date leaked, along with its top-line specs.

Twitter account UpLeaks revealed the specs, which would see the LG G Watch sporting a 1.6-inch 280 x 280 display and 4GB of storage space. A 400mAh battery is onboard, which would be good for 36 hours of standby time and require just a two hour charge time. With regular use throughout a day then, you'll probably be wanting to charge the thing every night. Using Google's voice recognition tech, the watch will also be able to dictate messages and memos.

MoDaCo has the device's release date penned in for July 7th. Given that falls two weeks after the June 25th kick-off of Goole's I/O conference -- itself expected to focus around Android Wear -- that sounds a very believable launch date. Though no official pricing has been set, loose-lipped LG executives speaking to Pocket-Lint have stated that it will come in at under £180 in the UK. [MoDaCo@UpLeaks via TechRadar]