Rumour: Samsung's Foldable Tablet May Bend Into Shops in 2015

By Gerald Lynch on at

Samsung's been playing with curved displays for some time now, showing off its Youm OLED tech back at CES 2013, and has since released the Samsung Galaxy Round and a range of warped TVs making use of similar technology. A prototype flexible tablet was expected to debut at MWC 2014, but turned out to be reserved for closed-door meetings between Samsung executives and partners. That device has reared its head once more, and now sports a tentative 2015 release date, according to supply chain sources.

Set to measure somewhere between eight or nine inches, the tablet's flexible OLED display would allow it to fold not once, but twice, making it roughly as pocketable as a tablet when not opened out. Like the Galaxy Round, the tablet is rumoured to launch in only limited quantities at first, either to test market reception, or simply down to the added complexity of its construction methods. Either way, it'd make a welcome change from the cookie-cutter tablet designs that Samsung usually relies upon. Definitely one rumour to watch. [Daum via Sam Mobile]