Sainsbury's Food Rescue Uses Google Voice Tech to Curb Wastage

By Gerald Lynch on at

A carrot, two slices of bread, a little milk and some onions are sitting at the back of your fridge. You see future compost, just days away from the bin, but Sainsbury's new Food Rescue tool sees tonight's dinner, and is ready to show you how to make it so.

In an effort to curb the criminal food waste that UK residents are responsible for (the average household throws out £60 worth of uneaten food a month, totalling four million tonnes of waste per year), Food Rescue uses Google's voice search tech to offer up recipes based on the ingredients left in your fridge. Simply speak them into the supermarket's online and mobile tool, and it'll present you with all the ways you can save the grub from the rubbish tip. Food Rescue will also give you a look at the bigger food waste picture, calculating all the food saved by nearby users, and running a leaderboard of "top rescuers" up and down the country. [Sainsbury's Food Rescue via Marketing Week]