Samsung's Smart Bike Uses Your Phone to Keep You Safe

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Samsung has teamed up with amazingly talented frame builder Giovanni Pelizzoli to create a bike which uses a smartphone, combined with onboard sensors and devices, to try and keep you safe.

Unveiled at a show in Milan, the bicycle is centred around a curved frame which is designed to reduce the road buzz that gnarly city streets can create. Tucked away within that frame is a raft of technology. There are four laser beams to create a personal bike lane on the road at night; an integrated GPS system; even a rearview camera. An Arduino chip ties all this together, and spews it out to handlebar-mounted device to show directions, say, or the feed from the rear view camera.

It's not clear that the bicycle will go into full-scale production yet. If you like the styling of the bicycle, though, check out Vanmoof's modern take on the Dutch bicycle. [Samsung Maestros via Design Boom]