Sharp's Free-Form Display Make Bezels Super-Thin, Screens Any Shape

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Rectangular screens are so square. Which is presumably why Sharp has announced a new technology called Free-Form Display, which could allow screens to come in any shape, and reduce bezel size to almost zero.

Usually, a lot of display circuitry sits in the bezel of a screen, which forces manufacturers to use very conventional shapes: rectangles, usually, but occasionally circles if they're daring. But Sharp's new solution spreads circuitry usually found at the edge across the whole display, allowing both very slim bezels and crazy shapes, too.

The company is showing off, for instance, a Free-Form display that could find its way into cars: a sleek dash screen that needs no cowling above it, but display everything in three simple circular areas. But the possibilities are endless: think wearables with more natural screen shapes, displays that blend in a little more around the house, or simply thin tablets with a screen that reaches right to the edge.

Software, of course, is typically designed for rectangular screens, so the bezel-free route seems most appealing. But to differentiate products, or to allow such displays to be used in more unconventional situations, it could just work. There's currently no word on when or where we might first see the panels appear, though. [Sharp via Verge]