Shooting Challenge #34 Technology -- The Winners Are...

By Martin Snelling on at

From laptops and consoles to record players and polaroids, we all have a favourite piece of technology. Technology was the subject of our most recent Shooting Challenge, and we received some beautiful images in return.

Thanks as always to those who took time to participate in the Shooting Challenge; there was a great mix of technology on show.

This week's winning image comes courtesy of first-time Shooting Challenge entrant and audiophile Eetu-Pekka Myöhänen for his vintage record player taken with his Canon 30D.

Here are some words from Eetu-Pekka on why it's his favourite technology:

"Thought I'd give this challenge a shot, first time taking part. The tech is my grandfathers record player + other pieces, but the record player is my favorite. It's almost 30 years old and it works perfectly (Even has the original needle), a testament to the electronics of old. I would bet good money that a similar piece of tech from today would not last as long or in as good of a condition as old tech.

My grandparents promised me the record player set when I was under 10 years old since I was always playing with it. They said that I could have it for my own place when I had one.

I tried a couple of techniques here, couple of macro shots and a couple of portrait shots, I played with the lighting extensively, trying to find an interesting way to cast it on the player. The writing on the table is Finnish and means "Leave your mark" since the table acts as my guestbook at the same time.

Equipment used were Canon 30D, kit 18-55 mm lens and a tripod, no fancy flash for me. Settings on the camera are so that it brings out color, contrast and saturation settings are almost to the full, white balance was on auto as well as shutter speed. The only edits I made were slight (global) changes to brightness, contrast and vibrance."

Well done Eetu-Pekka, a lovely photograph with a great story behind it; it makes me want to buy record player even more.

An honourable mention must also go to Graham Ormrob for his photos of his favourite games console, the SEGA Mega Drive.

You can see all of the photos over on Flickr.

There'll be another Shooting Challenge next week and I'm giving you advance warning, the format is changing. All will be revealed soon but I will tell you that you could win an Acer Aspire Switch 10 laptop/tablet hybrid.