Sky Go on Consoles Will Cost You an Extra Fiver From Next Month

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sky has announced that it is shaking up the way its users can access its Sky Go service. From July 29th, those using Sky Go through a compatible games console will have to cough up an extra £5 a month (on top of their existing subscription costs) to link their consoles to their Sky accounts. The same goes for Sky Go Extra, which includes offline show caching and the option to register four devices for streaming (over Sky Go's standard two linked devices).

Sky has yet to reveal why it has chosen to cut the free console offering from its Sky Go packages, but it's likely due to users exploiting the deal. I've regularly heard of users sharing Sky accounts at different locations -- one using the regular Sky box and the other using a console -- and sharing the subscription costs, something Sky would of course be keen to discourage. Mobile and computer access to the service seems as though it will continue unchanged. [Sky Go]