Soon You'll Be Able to Grab the Same Software Pixar Used to Make Wall-E, For Free

By Pranav Dixit on at

If you're an aspiring animator, this might be the best news you'll hear this month: Pixar is giving away—that's right, giving away—a version of RenderMan, its in-house animation software. Gratis. No catch. You'll be able to download the program some time in August.

Pixar has used RenderMan, which costs nearly £300 a pop for commercial use, to render some of its best-known animated features like Wall-E, Up and Toy Story, so this is a really, really big deal.

Simply fill up a registration form, download the program when it's available in a couple of months, and start creating Toy Story 4, if that's what you've always dreamed of. Don't sell it if you don't want yourself sued, though. The free version is for non-commercial use only. []