Speed-Boosted New iMacs Could Launch Next Week

By Gerald Lynch on at

There was a disappointing lack of new hardware on show at Apple's annual WWDC this year, but that's not to say Apple doesn't have some fresh new iMac computers waiting in the wings.

When I say "new" though, what I really mean is "marginally improved over last year's model". This is Apple after all, the masters of the "essential" spec bump. What's likely to launch then is a range of analogues to the current iMac line-up, each sporting a processor 100MHz faster than previously offered. According to MacGeneration, you can expect to find 3.3 GHZ i5-4690, 3.5 GHz i5-4690 and 3.6 GHz i7-4790 processors as options for the 27-inch model, while 3.0 GHz i5-4590S and 3.2 GHz i5-4790S processors are offered up for the 21.5-inch model.

While there's still no sign of Retina iMacs, nor the super cheap one rumoured to be using an iPhone processor, this latest line is said to include the faster Thunderbolt 2 port. So at least you'll be able to transfer all your files a bit quicker when it comes moving over to the inevitable Retina models. [MacGeneration via MacRumors]