Staring Man's Miracle-Making Eyes Linked to Things That Happen Anyway

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is Braco, a man whose devastating gaze is said to have miraculous properties -- although the man himself says his gaze is there mainly to offer hope and peace. We're not sure if photos get across his powers, but try looking at him for a few minutes while wishing for something then check your bank balance to see if it worked.

According to Gawker, Braco's stare has helped heal people from operations, fixed a woman's damaged ovaries and returned lost people home, events all triggered thanks to spending a few minutes or hours looking into the eyes or simply being in the presence of the miracle man.

It sounds like his main miracle is the miracle of letting time pass and things happen of their own accord, but there you go. Some people feel better about themselves after one of his "gazing experiences" and he's presumably getting lots of sex out of it, so everyone's a winner. [Gawker]