Surface Tablets Could Be Re-branded as "Microsoft Lumia" Tablets

By Tom Pritchard on at

Whether you think Microsoft's Surface brand is the greatest thing to happen to tablet computing, or if you insist on comparing it to other, better, products, everyone can agree that the Surface isn't everything it could've been. Maybe that's why Microsoft is rumoured to be rebranding its tablet line-up and slapping the Lumia name on it.

That's the rumour at this point, but it comes via our old friend @evleaks who posted it yesterday. The finer details are that Nokia will become a licensed brand known as "Nokia by Microsoft", and Surface tablets will be rebranded as Lumia tablets in future.

In some ways this makes sense; Nokia is a much bigger name in the mobile world, and arguably somewhat (ok, an iota) sexier than the Microsoft name. [@evleaks via CNet]