Tado Cooling Air-Con Controller Gets Apple HomeKit Support

By Gerald Lynch on at

Having hit its $150,000/£89,500 Kickstarter goal, the team behind the Tado Cooling smart air conditioning controller has just announced that its latest device will support Apple's new iOS 8 HomeKit feature. Apple's own Internet of Things standard, HomeKit support will allow the Tado Cooling system to seamlessly work with iDevices, without the need for a complicated set-up process.

Siri voice commands or Touch ID swipes will also be supported, allowing owners of the Tado Cooling box to quickly make adjustments to a connected remote controlled air conditioning unit through their Apple mobile devices.

Exceeding its Kickstarter goal within just a couple of weeks, the Tado team have added a $200,000 stretch goal. If reached, it'll add HomeKit support to all of its other products too. [Kickstarter]